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YOUTH and FAMILY programs
  at WCNS

Wild Cascara Naturalist School provides hands-on outdoor learning programs for youth in grades K-5, middle, and high school. Our programs follow shared principles of the Forest School model, which emphasizes unstructured time in nature, full immersion in the natural environment as the classroom and teacher, place-based learning, and authentic play. In addition to learning practical skills for sustainable homesteading, students also have the opportunity to learn crafts and skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. Our programs cover a range of topics, including food sovereignty and plant medicine making.

We offer classes throughout the school year and summer season covering topics like plant identification, Earthly rhythms, and creative problem-solving for environmental issues. Our older students are encouraged to develop sustainable practices for their current and future lives. We promote the development of intuitive wisdom, imaginative creativity, and inner genius among all students, regardless of age.




Our K-2 program offers a guided approach to natural world learning. We use a place-based approach that supports risky play to develop physical and social skills. Our students are fully immersed in nature, rain or shine, and engage in relational learning in an outdoor classroom.


Our custom place-based curriculum follows the Earth's seasonal rhythms and naturally incorporates math, reading, and writing skills into students' exploration of the world. Mixed-age cohorts allow for peer mentorships and independent studies within each age group.


This program fosters the developmentally appropriate sense of wonder and imagination in young children.


Young Adult

Our Creative Energies and Launch program offers education for young adults to develop an authentic connection to themselves and their communities while participating in place-based and inquiry-based learning. Our mentors create apprenticeships for students to directly learn and apply skills, preparing them with practical life-long skills for the future.

FOUNDATIONS (3rd - 5th)


Our grades 3-5 program follows a similar structure and curriculum as the younger grades, but is adapted to fit their developmental levels. At this stage, students are encouraged to take more ownership of their learning, with opportunities to explore topics in-depth and share their knowledge with the community. We support creative exploration and unstructured play to keep their maturing imaginations active and thriving.

Programs for EVERYONE



Wild Cascara seeks partnerships with organizations to provide support and connect our youth and young adult programs with the community. Our community services include clean-up days, gardening, and collaboration with local social justice organizations, putting into practice what we teach at Wild Cascara.



Are you an herbalist, healer, DIY enthusiast, or craftsperson looking for a space to share your knowledge? Look no further! Wild Cascara welcomes individuals from all walks of life to come and utilize our schoolhouse and the beautiful 20-acre forest on our property. Whether you're interested in teaching herbalism, healing modalities, homesteading projects, or crafts, we have the perfect space for you. Please fill out our Schoolhouse Rental Questionnaire or visit our contact page to inquire about dates and pricing.



Join any of our family classes to connect with like-minded families, exchange knowledge and ideas, and build stronger family dynamics. These classes offer community support in parenting and help families form authentic connections with one another. Classes will range from plant identification and herbal remedies to nonviolent communication and nature walks tailored to fit the needs of your unique family.



Land Services classes are for people who want to learn about land restoration and the native habitat of the Pacific Northwest. By offering your time as service to the land, we will work on various projects around the property, schoolhouse, and other sister sites, including Echo Valley Native Nursery and neighboring properties. We will focus on tasks such as invasive plant removal, planting native species, riparian restoration, and learning about soil ecology, among other activities. These classes are a great way to get your hands in the dirt and connect with the land at a slower pace.

 WCNS Summer CAMPs 2023


K- 5th

Get a taste of our outdoor program that traditionally runs during the school year. Students will spend each day getting a quick dip study into an element of our Earth (trees, birds, soil, etc.), actively engaging in that study through nature walks, experiments, and collaborative activities. We’ll end our days integrating the learning with read-aloud, independent reading, and small group study. Students will have opportunities to wildcraft, make plant medicine and build a personal relationship with the land. Students will also enjoy fun camp games like, Capture the Flag, Eagle Eye, Poison Dart Frog, and more!  

July 3rd-6th, July 17th-20th, July 24th-27th
Monday-Thursday, 9:30 -3:00 pm



6th - 8th

Students will be actively engaged in learning about the Pacific Northwest ecosystem; this will incorporate plant and tree identification, the interdependence of species, and water sources. Students will have opportunities to learn how to make a variety of plant medicines from plants we harvest on the land and learn some basics of herbalism. Be ready to get your hands dirty!

August 1st-4th
Monday-Thursday 9:30-3:00 pm


K - 5th

Good ol’ fashioned Nature art that will fill every heart with playful creativity.  We will incorporate learning about the plant and animal species around us as we learn to draw, shape, model, design, and create with multiple modalities.  A day of paint, a day of clay, a day of building/weaving, and a day of bundle dying will be on the list of crafts we can explore and more! Students will also get to play collective games, take daily nature walks, and enjoy some classic storytelling.


July 10th-13th

Monday-Thursday, 9:30-3:00 pm
$280 + $20 material fee


Attention Parents!

Please visit the link below to complete our 2023 WCNS Summer Camp Registration form.

Register for WCNS Summer Camps


We can't wait to see you outside this summer!

Ready to ENROLL?

To get started, please follow the link below to complete our Youth Programs Registration Form.

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“We are forever grateful for our daughter's time at Wild Cascara. Juniper’s guidance and support created an environment where she flourished and grew in ways we could only have dreamed of. Juniper exposed in our daughter a deep love of the land and getting her hands dirty, as well as nurtured her in her artistic expressions and the healing powers of stillness. Additionally, Juniper cared for and continues to, our entire family as we have shifted into this profound rhythm of education. We are thankful for the space Juniper created for our daughter and our family to look at the world through new eyes with a deeper reverence for Mother Earth and the natural world.” 

- Natalie Dickenson, WCNS Parent

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